*SECONDS SALE* Traditional Fabric Shears

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  • $41.00 USD

This is a "seconds sale" product, which means that the item doesn't meet our aesthetic standard for regular retail sale. These scissors are a great option for you if scissors are your workhorses! The seconds sale products usually have a scuff(s) or scratch(es) and/or other aesthetic issues on the surface of the product. The quality of the tool is otherwise unaffected and works perfectly.

They are covered by our 10-year warranty. They are FINAL SALE, with no returns based on the aesthetic appearance.



Our Traditional Fabric Shears were one of our first products when the company was founded in 1990. They are handcrafted from carbon steel and hollow ground to ensure precise cuts.


Our Traditional Fabric Shears are handcrafted from industrial-grade high carbon steel. 


They can cut through multiple layers of fabric, leather, vinyl, denim, Kevlar, and other heavy materials. They're fantastic for sewing, tailoring, quilting, dressmaking, cutting patterns, and alterations.


They are available in sizes ranging from 8" to 12". They're comfortable to use with varying grip size to accommodate all hand sizes. 

*These shears are right-handed. *

Size Weight (g)
8" 166 g
9" 203 g 
10" 271 g
11" 367 g
12" 435 g