Love, Dedication, Happiness.

The Heart of our Business Since 1990

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Dedication to Quality

A worry-free investment in your craft with our 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Social Impact

5% of every sale goes to Women's Shelter Canada to help people who identify as women, as well as those women with children.

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Our Mission

Providing High Quality Scissors at an Accessible Price.

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See what others are saying about us.

"These scissors from LDH are simply sexy and super sharp. Definitely five stars."

Mathew from Mister-Domestic

"Bad joints make good scissors mandatory. Especially cutting garments is hard on the fingers and wrists. These cut through fabric like a hot knife through butter! I used them on a project already and I am in love."

Kim from Go-go-Kim

"They should be on every first-year fashion students supply list and part of any sewists tool kit. "

Adrienne from ReFluff

"I've been cutting fabric all day and I am in love with these scissors from LDH!!! They are carbon steel anti-rust and super sharp!"

Kim F. from Seaside Quilting

"Finally got them in the mail and the motion is deliciously smooth, I even love the sound it makes while cutting." 

Allie from Shawcross Bros Gloves