Changing the Blade

The blade is protected by a “cage” so that it cannot be accessed without pushing the blade up or by removing the bolt, washer, and backing. When all of the pieces are removed, the blade can slide out of the cage without being touched.

Carefully slide a fresh blade into the cage, lining the openings of the blade and cutter up, and replace the bolt, washer, and backing, and tighten until comfortable to use. The washer is shaped like a bowl, with the sides turned upwards. It should be placed back on the cutter with the sides facing up.

Step 1

Pictured (from left to right):

-one rotary blade

-one bolt

-one washer

-one backing

This is the order that the parts will be put back into the rotary cutter.

Step 2

The blade has been inserted into the cage and the bolt has been put back into the rotary cutter. The bolt should always be inserted onto the front of the cutter, where the button to slide the blade out is located.

Step 3

The rotary cutter can now be turned over to the back side, where the logo is located. The bolt needs to be held in place when putting the washer and backing on. Place the washer on the bolt, with the sides facing upwards, like a bowl. The opening of the washer and the back of the bolt are shaped like a rectangle, so make sure the washer is placed on the bolt correctly.

Step 4

The backing can now be screwed onto the bolt. The flat side of the backing should face towards you when you screw it back on.
You’ve now changed the blade!

Note about using the rotary cutter left-handed:

This rotary cutter is designed to be used in either the left or right hand without needing to remove and switch the blade. All you need to do is switch the hand you are using the cutter in and turn the cutter so that the blade is on the right side.