Midnight Edition Pinking Shears (2 Sizes)

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Our Midnight Edition Pinking Shears are known for being buttery smooth and powerful enough to cut through virtually any kind of fabric. They're not like any other pinking shear out there, and are considered to be one of the best pinking shears on the market!

*This pair of shears is right-handed.*

Our Midnight Pinking Shears are crafted from industrial stainless steel, giving them a lasting sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip. They're then coated with our signature Midnight coating through a process called electroplating.

The teeth are hand sharpened to ensure they're aligned perfectly and make precise cuts every time.

They can be used in sewing, quilting, and paper crafts, and can be used with light- to medium-weight fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and canvas.

Wipe down the blades and lubricate with oil once a month.

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The measurement you see - such as 8" - is the entire length of the scissor, including the handle.

It depends on how often you use the scissors, what kind of material you’re cutting, and how well you take care of your scissors. When tested in the rigors of professional sewing studios, our scissors outperformed other brands in the same price tier.

Please note that all scissors will need to be sharpened at some point and that dullness is not considered a defect.

This is because we put a coating of oil on the blades to prevent any rust from developing during the shipping process. You can simply wipe it off before using the scissors. However, we do recommend that you apply a thin layer of oil - such as anti-rust, sewing machine oil, or any neutral oil - on the blades and button with a cloth when not in use.  

We offer a 10 year manufacturer's warranty on all of our products. For more info, click here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michelle W

Don't usually leave reviews, but these were too good not to plug! I bought a pair of seconds sale pinking shears to try, and have not been disappointed. Lovely packaging, robust weight, and sharp sharp sharp. Thanks LDH!

Julie Sayers
Beautiful pinking shears

My old pinking shears hadn't worked well for years and then I lost them. Someone online recommended LDH scissors but I just bought a pair of KAI. Then I saw the pinking shears. These shears cut smoothly through several layers of cotton and flannel. I highly recommend them. They're going to save me a lot of trouble in so many sewing situations. I love that I had mine engraved with my name. So cool.

Lisa Tucker
Just the best ever!

My best friend was moaning because her grandmother's pinking shears weren't working any more. Ordered her a pair and she absolutely loves them!

Great scissors...a must have!

I wasn't in the market for pinking shears...I already own a pair. But I happened to, on a whim, take these beauties for a test run when I was visiting the LDH booth at a quilt show. Who knew pinking shears could be such smooth operators?! They are a must have!!

Michele T
Superb Quality

These pinking shears are superb in quality and are far superior to the ones I owned. The LDH pinking shears cut smoothly and effectively, smoothly and easily with no hand cramping or blistering. The pinking shears cut the fabric in perfect zigzag edges and the fabric wasn't shredded while cutting. I highly recommend them over other popular brands of pinking shears.

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