Midnight Edition Fabric Shears

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Our Midnight Edition Fabric Shears are an industrial-grade, professional tool crafted by our scissor-masters. They are our best-selling fabric shear! 

*These shears are right-handed. *

Crafted from heavy-duty, industrial grade carbon steel and finished with our signature Midnight coating.

The blades are slightly concave and perfectly aligned to allow them to cut through thick layers effortlessly. We make 5 sizes, ranging from 8" to 12". The handle sizes up proportionally to the scissor, so the larger the scissor, the larger the handle.

Our painted handle Midnight Edition Fabric Shears is a classic handle style. It features a lighter overall scissor weight and fits the natural curve of your thumb. If you want more padding to protect your hand, the rubber-coated handles are soft and will cushion your hand. However, the rubber on the handle adds a little bit of weight to the overall scissor, and also makes the handle space a little smaller.

Our most popular fabric shears, they're loved by sewists, quilters, fiber artists, and crafters of all kinds! They can cut through multiple layers of fabric, leather, fleece, vinyl, denim, and other dense materials.

Wipe down the blades and lubricate with oil once a month.

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The measurement you see - such as 8" - is the entire length of the scissor, including the handle.

It depends on how often you use the scissors, what kind of material you’re cutting, and how well you take care of your scissors. When tested in the rigors of professional sewing studios, our scissors outperformed other brands in the same price tier.

Please note that all scissors will need to be sharpened at some point and that dullness is not considered a defect.

This is because we put a coating of oil on the blades to prevent any rust from developing during the shipping process. You can simply wipe it off before using the scissors. However, we do recommend that you apply a thin layer of oil - such as anti-rust, sewing machine oil, or any neutral oil - on the blades and button with a cloth when not in use.  

We offer a 10 year manufacturer's warranty on all of our products. For more info, click here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

They cut so smooth and straight


Goods arrived damaged


Very special!

Loretta Long
Reclaimed Joy

It is fun to sew again. These shears have removed the struggle of working with arthritic hands. Looking for pinking shears ordered today. I have tried many scissors over the years and these are handily the best. Thank you LDH

I am so impressed

I wanted a big ass pair of shears and these do not dissapoint. Perhaps 12" was a bit of overkill (orderingsome 10 inchers today), but I cut out a wool coat yesterday and they simply glide. My hand would have been sore using my 8.5" Ginghers. I cannot get over the price of these super high quality scissors! I swear I'm buying them all!

I got 4 pairs (some seconds) for Christmas for the price of probably 1 set of bigger Ginghers and I like them as much or better. I cut fabric every single day. I'm gushing here, but honestly you can't go wrong.

You would practically pay this much for crappo orange handled Fiskars. Plus, these come with beautiful packaging and a warranty!

Ok, I've said my piece. Get your self some awesome scissors.

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